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UROLOGY department was founded in 1987 by Prof.G.Athmalingam.


KMC is having MCh(urology) postgraduate course with 2 seats.

Landmark Events

First renal transplantation 1988
First cadaver kidney teransplantation 2009

Academic Activities

The department provides regular urology teaching to the MBBS,MS(General surgery) and MCh(urology) post graduates.

The department has a structured academic programme for the MCh urology course which includes case presentation,Journalclub,lectures and seminars.

Department of urology presents interesting and rare clinical cases at the monthly MADRAS UROLOGICAL SOCIETY meeting in Chennai and in the surgical society meeting at KMC hospital.

Since 2008 we have presented 15 papers in the regional and zonal urology conferences and received 2 best paper presentation prizes.

Departmental Activities

Service-Inpatient and outpatient services

Outpatient clinics are conducted 2 days a week (Monday and Wednesday)

Surgical procedures-major(50) and minor(100) were performed every month.

Endoscopic Procedures

Trans Urethral Resection Of Prostate(Turp) For Benign Enlargement Of Prostate
Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy(u.r.s) for ureteric stones.
Vesicolithotripsy-for bladder stones.
Optical Internal Urethrotomy-stricture urethra.
Trans Urethral Resection of bladder tumour(turbt)
Bladder neck incision for bladder neck hypertrophy.
Double'j stenting for obstructive uropathy.
Diagnostic cystoscopy,ureteroscopy

Urogynaecology Procedures

Trans Obturator Taping(Tot) For Stress Urinary Incontinence
Repair of genitourinary fistulae.
- Vesicovaginal fistula repair
- Ureterovaginal fistula repair
Antenatal urological treatment for urological problems.

Renal Transplantation

In the year 2009-SIX kidney transplants were performed.

No Scalpel Vasectomy(N.S.V)

Department of urology provides NSV training on first and third week for 3 days (Wednesday to Friday) every month which is sponsored by NATIONAL RURAL HEALTH MISSION(N.R.H.M) Providing NSV training to 6 doctors every month.

NSV training camps are conducted by Dr.V.Selvaraj,Professor of Urology and state NSV trainer,trained in CHINA in the year 2000.

NSV procedure

Simple and safe procedure.
Outpatient procedure
No incision
No stitch
No loss of potency

Microscopic Recanalisation

KMC is having centre of excellence(COE) for recanalisation to both male and female patients.

Sponsored by govt of India and state government.

Dept. Of urology provides male recanalisation(VASOVASOSTOMY-VVA) through COE.

Criteria for Recanalisation

Death of one child
Death of one child among 2 children
Widow remarriage
Death of child in natural calamities like tsunami

Emergency Urology Services

The department provides emergency genitourinary trauma care and urological emergencies.

Urooncology And Infertility

Department provides treatment for genitourinary cancers and male infertility.

Future Goals

Implementing laparoscopy in urology and percutaneous nephrolithotripsy(PCNL)
More emphasis on cadaver kidney transplantation
Computerisation of patient data
Expanding research activities and publications.


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