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Information about Department of Psychiatry

Existing Staff Position
Professor of Psychiatry 1 post
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry 2 posts
Senior Resident in Psychiatry 1 post
MCI- Requirements: - Staff Particulars
S.No. Staff Requirement Available Facilities
1 Associate Professor/Reader 1 1
2 Lecturer/Asst Professor 2 2
3 Tutor/Registrar/Senior Resident 1 1
4 Junior Residents 3 0
5 Psychiatric social workers 2 0
6 Record Clerk 1 0
7 Clinical Psychologists 1 0
8 Steno Typists 1 0

Existing Equipments Position

MCI- Requirements : - Equipment Particulars
S.No. Equipments Requirement Available Facilities
1 E.C.T Machine preferably with E.E.G monitoring.
a) Brief pulse ECT machine
b) Sine wave ECT machine
2 E.C.G Machine. 2 2
3 E.E.G Machine. 1 1
4 Lithium Analyzer. 1 0
5 BioFeed-back Instruments (sets). 1 1
6 Thin layer Chromatography(For Drug dependence Treatment.
Alcohol breath Analyzer.
Psychological Test Equipments
a) Projective Tests
b) Intelligence Tests
c) Personality Tests
d) Neuro psychological Tests





Existing outdoor facilities (Out Patient Block):-


At present, the new psychiatry block accommodates, the out patient section, in-patient section and De-addiction section.

MCI –Requirements :- Clinical Department – Out door Facilities
S.No. Facilities Required Availability
1 Waiting room for patients and attenders. Available
2 Record room and enquiry. Available
3 Examination and case demonstration Room. Available
4 Dispensary. Available

Existing Indoor facilities (Inpatient Block):-

MCI –Requirements :- Clinical Department – In door Facilities
S.No. Facilities Required Availability
1 Nurse Duty Room. Available
2 Examination and Treatment Room. Available
3 Ward Pantry. Available
4 Store room for linen and Other Equipment. Available
5 Resident Doctors and Students Duty Room. Available
6 Laboratory for Routine examinations. Common Lab Available.
7 Accommodation for other staff. Available
8 Clinical Demonstration Room. Available
9 Department library Available
10 Seminar room with seating capacity of 50 students. Available

Bed Strength

MCI – Requirements :-
Requirement Available Facilities
Unit Beds Unit Beds
1 40 1 40

Department Activities

No. Cases Days Time
1 Old Cases Review Monday To Saturday From 8 AM To 10 AM
2 New Cases Including Ward Referrels Monday To Saturday From 10 AM To 12 AM
3 Call Over Cases Monday To Saturday From 12 AM To 2 PM
4 Psychiatric Ward Cases Monday To Saturday From 8 AM To 2 PM

Special Clinics

No. Name Of The Clinic Days Time
1 Organic Psychiatry & Psychosexual Disorder Monday From 10 AM To 12 AM
2 Child and adolescence Guidance Clinic Tuesday From 10 AM To 12 AM
3 Suicide Prevention Clinic Wednesday From 10 AM To 12 AM
4 Deaddiction Clinic Thursday From 10 AM To 12 AM
5 Family Counselling Clinic Friday From 10 AM To 12 AM
6 Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic Saturday From 10 AM To 12 AM

Types of Therapies Given

Supportive Psychotherapy
Interpersonal Therapy
Group Therapy
Behavior Therapy
Cognitive Behavior Therapy
Assertiveness Training
Relaxation Therapy
Self Hypnosis
Electro Convulsive Therapy
Narco Analysis
Family Therapy
Individual Counseling
Marital Counseling
Coping Skills Development
Life Skill Education

Academic Activities - Routine

Post graduate students in Psychiatry, General Medicine, Pediatric Medicine, and obstetrics and Gynecology are imparted training.
Post graduate students from Institute of Mental Health (IMH) are imparted training in General hospital Psychiatry and Liaison Psychiatry.
Compulsory Rotatory Resident Internees (CRRI) regularly undergo training.
Undergraduate students in Medicine are given lectures on psychiatry and they are imparted training in clinical psychiatry Teachings for Undergraduate students include Theory classes (20 classes- one hour each) and Bedside Clinics every day for one month.
Paramedical students (nursing students) are given training in psychiatric nursing and are also given lectures on psychiatry.
Teaching for Nursing students doing Diploma in Nursing includes theory classes (30 classes - 1 hour each) and clinical training in Psychiatric Nursing.

The topics covered are

History of Psychiatry
Symptoms and Signs of Psychiatric Disorders
Classifications of Psychiatric Disorders
Mood Disorders
Somatoform Disorders
Sleep Disorders
Personality Disorders
Sexual Dysfunctions
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Geriatric Psychiatry
Women and Psychiatry
Alcohol and Substance misuse psychiatry
Forensic Psychiatry
Community Psychiatry
Behavior Therapies
Electroconvulsive Therapy
Relaxation Therapy
Other Therapies

Academic activities & Training Programs – in 2008 -09

1. The following CME programs have been conducted

Over view of Psychiatric disorders - 9.4.2009 - Dr.S.Rajarathinam
Over view of common mental disorders – 16.4.2009 – Dr.M.S.Jagadeesan
Over view of severe mental illnesses – 23.4.2009 – Dr.R.Saravanajothi
Over view of alcohol and substance misuse - 28.4.2009 – Dr.A.P.Mythili
Mood disturbance and ageing - 29.8.2008 – Dr.S.Rajarathinam

2. Symposia

Psychiatric aspects of alcoholism - 24.12.2008

3. International day against Substance abuse and Illicit Trafficking has been celebrated on 26.6.2009

   Symposia : Do drugs control your life and your society –Dr.R.saravanajothi.

4. World Mental Health day has been celebrated on 27.10.2009

5. Symposia on various Topics in Psychiatry have been conducted and presented by CRRI posted in Department of Psychiatry
The Topic covered are

Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Schizophrenia
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Mood Disorder
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Gad
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Stress Related Disorders
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychiatric Disturbances In Women
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychiatric Disturbances In Old Age
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychiatric Disturbances In Children & Adolescents
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Alcoholism And Substance Misuse
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychiatric Disturbances Secondary To general medical conditions, alcohol and substance misuse and neurological disorders
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychosexual Dysfunction
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Psychiatric Emergencies
Clinical Evaluation & Management Of Alcoholism And Substance Misuse

6. Inauguration of Alcoholics Anonymous Programme on 28.4.2009

7. Training programme for doctors doing certificate course on diabetology – lecture on psychiatric aspects of diabetics – DR.S.Rajarathinam.

8. Under NRHM programme specility clinic in psychiatry at urban health centre at paadi has been started on September 2009 and one psychiatrist from KMC Hospital attends the O.P department on every Friday.

9. Psychiatric councelling on management of stress related problems and prevention and management of alcoholism and drug abuse has been given to 24 accident prone drivers of State Express Transport Corporation on 26.11.2009.

10. Psychiatric councelling on management of stress related problems and prevention and management of alcoholism and drug abuse has been given to a batch of drivers of State Express Transport Corporation on 7.1.2010.

11. A new psychiatric block with inpatient and out patient facilities has been inaugurated on 16.2.2009 by the Hon’ble Mr. M.R.K.Paneer selvam and special address was given by Principal Secretary,Health and family welfare department MR.V.K. Subburaj.I.A.S., a book on mental disorders in tamil language, in the form of questions and answers, written by Professor of Psychiatry Dr.S.Rajarathinam was released by Honble minister on the same day.

12. World mental health day - (October 10) has been celebrated on 27.10.2009 and self – help group called ( THAIANBU) for the family members of Schizophrenia has been started on this day and a book on Schizophrenia in the form of question and answers in tamil language, written by Dr.S.Rajarathinam has been released.

13. Screening of Transgenders in Madras District has been conducted on 17 & 18th of august 2009 by a panel of doctors

Dr. Raja maheswari Prof & HoD of Uro Gynaecology,Kasthuriba Gandhi Hospital for women and children Ch – 5.
DR. Jayaraman Prof &HoD of Plastic Surgery, KMC Hospital, Ch -10.
DR. S.Rajarathinam Prof & HoD Department of Psychiatry, Kmch, Ch-10.


14. under district mental health programme (dmhp) (24.8.2009 - 3.10.2009) ((3 batches for == 2 weeks each )) medical officers working in primary health centres taluk head quarters and district head quarters hospital of kanchipuram have been given training on recognition , identification and management, severe mental, alcoholism and substance misuse.

Ongoing Development activities:-

Under National Mental Health program, a separate Psychiatric Block with all facilities including an OP block and a ward with Bed strength of 30 was constructed and completed in 2009 and functional since September 2009. Government of India had sanctioned Rs.50 Lakhs for this purpose.
Government of India had sanctioned Rs.8 Lakhs for the construction of De-addiction ward, for the management of alcohol and substance misuse. It was constructed above the psychiatric block in the second floor and it has bed strength 10 beds with male ward containing 7 patients and female ward accommodating 3 patients.
Almost all the equipments as stipulated by the MCI has been procured and are put in to use. The Government of Tamilnadu has provided all the latest equipments required for the evaluation and management of patients with various psychiatric problems and problems due to Alcohol and Substance misuse. They include the following.
Psychometric equipments – to access a persons Personality ,Intelligence conflicts, stresses and organic pathology
Computerized Bio – Feed back
Digital EEG machine
Digital ECG machine
Computerized Digital Brief Pulse ECT machine
Sine Wave ECT machine
Multi behavior therapy kit
Alcohol breath analyzer

For the Evaluation and management of the patients suffering from various Psychiatric disorders like anxiety disorders, mood disorders, sexual problems, personality disorders, psychoses, and alcohol and substance misuse disorders.
Proposals have been sent to government to get the required posts (Medical and Paramedical staffs –Associate professor, Social workers, Clinical Psychologist, Staff Nurses, Male nurse assistant, Female nursing assistant, EEG technician Watchman) sanctioned and fill up the vacancies in Staff position so that the Staff pattern conforms to MCI norms.
After the requests had been made to make available the newer drugs(Olanzapine, Risperidone, Sertraline, Fluoxetine, Lorazapem, Clonazapem, Clobazam, Inj.Flufphenazine,Inj Lorazapem) so that the patients have access to latest, newer therapeutic regime which have high safety profile, TNMSC approved for the same.
Considering the millions of people suffering from various mental illnesses in Tamilnadu and the inadequate number of psychiatrists, In addition to the efforts being taken to improve the infrastructure, Staff strength and Equipments of the Department, Ground work is being done to start PG courses in Psychiatry (MD - Psychiatry & DNB - Psychiatry). a proposal to start a Post Graduate course in psychiatry , at kilpauk medical college hospital, has been sent.
Department library is being developed as part of improvement activities. New and latest Books are being purchased both for Central Library as well as Departmental Library. The journal named “INDIAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRY” is subscribed for the Central library.
NGOs are being contacted and their services are being utilized for the improvement of Department as well as its services.
Research activities are given importance and research on Para suicide among Urban population and Prevalence of Psychiatric Illness among Diabetic patients are being carried out.
The following Special Clinics are also conducted by this Department to provide Comprehensive Mental Health Care and Psychiatric care in Special circumstances.
Child guidance Clinic
Adolescence Clinic
Geriatric Clinic
Sexual Counseling Clinic
Suicide Prevention Clinic
De-addiction Clinic
Family counseling
Marital counseling

To sum up, in tune with present circumstances, needs and rising demands, the Department of Psychiatry is undertaking all steps to improve the Quality of Academic activities, Research activities and Clinical Services.

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