::Associated Institution : Govt. Thiruvoteeswarar Hospital of Thoracic Medicine, Otteri : Institution History

Thiruvotteeswarar Hospital. Corporation of Madras.

Donated by  lord Thiruvotteeswarar  Adimai,

Opened by the Hon'ble Lady ' NYE" on 11.2.1947.

In presence of Mayor: Sri. T. Sundara Babu Naidu, B.A.B.L... Commissioner: J.P.L. sheney, Esq., I.C.S. Engineer: Rau saheb Sri.K.K.Nambiar, B.E., M.I.E., E.INST, H.E. (Eng) M.INST. M&CYE(Eng). Contractor: MCKENZIES LTD., M.Meeran, B.e., A.M.I.E.,. Health Officer: Dr.P.Sadasivam, L.M.&S., B.S.SC.,. Councillor: Sri.S.Pakkiriswamy Pillai.


Corporation of Madras Thiruvotteeswarar T.B.Hospital.

Inaugurated by the Premier of Madras,

the Hon'ble O.P. Ramasamy Reddior on 7.8.1948.

Mayor: Dr.U.Krishna rau, MBBS. Commissioner: Rau Sheb, C.Narasimhan. Councillor: Sri.S.Pakkiriswamy Pillai. Engineer: Rau Saheb, K.K.Nambiar B.e., M.I.E., E.INST. H.E.(England)M.INST, M&CYE.M.AM, SOC, CE., MR.SAN.I.



Corporation of Madras Special Wards: Thiruvotteeswarar Hospital

Opened by Minister for Local Administration. Opened on 16.4.1956. in presences of Mayor            Sri.V.R.Ramanatha  Iyer, Commissioner  Sri.N.Sankaran, M.A.L.T., Councillors Sri.S.Pakkirisamy Pillai, M.L.A., Sri.K.P.sumundeswaran.



Renamed as Govt.Thiruvotteeswarar Hospital T.B. &Chest Diseases Hospital.


By Thiru.R.Shanmugan, I.A.S. Commissioner & Secretary, H&FW Dept, Govt.of Tamil Nadu on 23.4.1986.

Superintendent: Dr.V.Thiagarajan. D.M.E.: Dr.Lalitha Kameeswaran.


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