::: Associated Institution : Govt. Peripheral Hospital, K.K.Nagar, Chennai-78

Government Peripheral Hospital established in the year 1978 and subsequently it was inaugurated on 30.04.1979 by Hon’ble  Minister of Health and Social Welfare Mr.R.Soundararajan and the Hon’ble Education Minister Mr.S.Aranganayagam.  In patient wards were opened during 1979 such as Male medical & Surgical, Female Medical & Surgical, Pediatric and labour ward. Outpatient departments like, male, female pediatric, surgical, Gynaec and dental OP.   Initially there were only 9 medical officers, and 9 staff nurses and other category 44.  It is located at South Chennai near Ashok Pillar and it serves for a population of 5 lakhs. It has bed strength of 100. 
Academic Action
We don’t have any academic action.
Services Offered
We have 24 hrs. Emergency and Causality Services (MLC, Trauma, Poison Cases).
We have O.P. on all days and Operation Theatre on all days.
O.P. Timing: 7.30 A.M. to 10.30 A.M.
1.         Male O.P.
2.         Female O.P.
3.         Pediatric O.P.
4.         Surgical & Ortho
5.         Obste & Gynaec O.P
6.         Opthalmic O.P.
7.         Dental O.P.
Extension O.P. from 10.30 A.M. 12.00 Noon
Per month around 28,000 to 30,000 OP cases, Per day 1000 to 1200 cases and 1500 cases on special clinic days.
I.P. Inpatient Cases: Per month around 1200 to 1500 cases and per day 40 to 50 cases.

Special O.P: 
1.         Conduct Antenatal O.P. on all days & Gynaec O.P.
2.         Cancers screening and Reproductive tract infections screening.
3.         Hypertension and Diabetic O.P. on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
4.         IUCD Camp, Family Welfare Activities on all days.
5.         Chest clinic on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
We have X-Ray and Lab facilities.
Surgeries done:
1.         Ortho Department:
Major Surgeries
1.      Upper limb & Lower limb fracture Fixation
2.      Recurrent dislocation shoulder
3.      Surgery for Tennis Elbow, Per-arthritis
4.      Hemiarthroplasty
5.      CTEV Correction
6.      Lumbar Discectomy
7.      Bone Marrow Inj. For Non union
8.      Soft tissue procedures of lower limb
Minor Procedures
1.      Cyst Excision
2.      Closed reduction of dislocations
3.      Closed reduction of uncomplicated fractures
Ophthalmic Department
Surgeries Done
1.         Cataract
2.         Chalazion
3.         Pterigium
4.         Glacoma
Obstetric & Gynaec Department
Surgeries done
1.         MTP
2.         MTP with TAT
3.         MTP with Cu-T
4.         Interval TAT
5.         Puerperal Sterilization
6.         Caesarian Section
7.         Fractional Curettage
8.         Theraputic Curettage
9.         Cervix Biopsy
10.       Bartholin Cyst Excision
Lab Details
We do all the basic investigations like;
Clinical Pathology
Hb%, PVC, TC, DC, ESR, Pl-Count, BT, CT, MP
Urine Examination
Albumin, Sugar, Deposit, Bilesalt, Bilepigment
Motion Examination
Ova, Cyst, Reducing substance
Sugar, Urea, Creatinine, Cholesterol
Other Investigations
Blood grouping & Rh typing, Mantuax, Graveindex
Samples send to King Institute, Guindy
Leptospirosis, Dengue IgG, IgM,
Culture Sensitivity for; Blood, Urine, Pus, Sputum, Throats swab, Vaginal Swab.
Samples send to Govt. Royapettah Hospital
Biopsy, HPE
Lab Statistics
We do around 3000 to 5000  lab investigations per month.
We do around 100 to 150 lab investigations per day.
Staff Pattern
S.No Staffs Sanctioned Post Present Strength
1. Medical Officers 15 12
2. Nursing Staff 22 22
3. Paramedical 8 8
4. Ministerial Staff 6 4
5. Other than medical 13 12
6. Basic servants 43 20
  TOTAL 107 78
Contact Phone No. 24892548 / 24892530

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