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he dental department at Govt. Kilpauk Medical College and Hospital is well-equipped to treat patients who seek treatment for oral diseases.

A myriad of oral conditions are treated at KMC. The department caters to all age groups and has specialists to handle such a variety of dental problems.

The various treatments meted out are

  Oral Medicine , Diagnosis and Radiology

Diagnosis of existing problem, formulation of a treatment plan and X-rays for diagnosis when needed

  Pedodontics (Children)

Treatment of dental caries (tooth decay), gum infections( gingivitis), fracture teeth/ jaws ( trauma to teeth/jaws), malaligned teeth, undergrowth/overgrowth of jaws, mouth ulcers etc. Special appliances can be given to correct jaw deformities if they are recognised early. Fractured teeth or jaws can be diagnosed with the help of x-rays and appropriate treatment given. Tooth colored filling and restorative materials are available and these appear very esthetic.

  Orthodontics (correction of malaligned teeth)

Teeth that are not in proper alignment, that have not erupted properly, jaws that have not grown properly (too small or too large for that particular age) can be diagnosed early and special appliance are given. Adults seeking jaw corrections are treated with appliances and surgery. Space maintainers and removable appliances are given routinely.
Periodontics (gum problems)

Superficial (gingival) and deep gum (periodontal) problems- infection, inflammation, ulcers, bone loss etc. are treated by medicines, proper cleaning (scaling) and surgery. Tooth brushing and other oral hygiene methods are taught to the patients during scaling and oral hygiene is regularly monitored especially for patients who are prone to deleterious habits like- smoking, paan chewing, tobacco chewing and betel leaf chewing.

  Oral surgery (surgical techniques)

Jaw fractures, biopsy, extractions, impactions, dental abscess and cysts are all treated at KMC

  Endodontics (root canal)

Fillings, root canal procedures and apexification are carried out appropriately. Discolored teeth due to trauma, fluorosis or hypo-calcification can be restored properly.

Prosthetics( replacement of missing teeth)

Replacement of one or more teeth (partial dentures), all teeth (complete/full dentures) are done at KMC.

  Oral cancer

The department has a number of referral patients too. Dermatology, Renal, Gynaecology, Opthalmology, ENT and Cardiac patients attend the O.P to eliminate focal sepsis prior to major procedures. Dental check-ups are also part of the MASTER HEALTH CHECK UP SCHEME which is a great success at KMC. Dental camps are also part of our community services rendered.

Inpatient facilities are also available


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