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History And Back Ground

Voluntary blood donation has been an integral part of the KMCH, Blood Bank, which was started on 1981 with the aim to fulfill the Blood crisis in our hospital.

The Blood Bank conforms to all the mandatory regulations laid down by the drugs & cosmetics act 1940 & the drugs and cosmetics rules.

Blood components separation started from September 2009, Round the clock we provide the services.



The blood bank comprises of

Dr. Ravindran, MBBS, DCP
S/N. Mrs. Vijaya Suguan
S/N. Mrs. Janabai
S/n. Mrs. Vatchala
Tech/ Asst Mr. Anand Kishore


Mrs. Saroja
Mrs. Gowri
Mrs. Renuka
Miss. Sujatha

Annually 4000 volunteers has been donating blood. Where our requirement of issuing blood has been 5000 units per year approximately.

Available Blood Components
Whole Blood
Packed Cell (Red Cells)
Fresh frozen plasma (FFP)
Tests Done & Services
Voluntary Blood donation camps
Screening T.T.D.S
HIV 1 & HIV 2
Cell grouping & serum Grouping
Cross matching (Compatibility)
Hb% Estimation for Blood donors
Special tests like
Du antigen test
Antibody Screening test
Training for laboratory technicians
Training for nursing students
Training for staff Nurses
Course for P.G. M.D (Pathology) students
Training for medical officers (Govt Blood bank medical officers)
Component separation
Blood Donation & Camps

We receive mainly from voluntary blood donors and other donors are family donors, directed donors, autologous donors. Donors will be selected as per standard operating procedure.

We conduct blood donation camps with the help of NGO’s of average about 4-6 camps per month.

24 hr’s services

We provide round the clock service to all the departments which require blood at appropriate time in KMCH. We arrange blood from other Government Hospitals in Chennai, which we don’t have and we issue the blood to other government hospitals which they are in need.

Contact Us

Email : kmchbloodbank@gmail.com

Phone : 044 – 28364955

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